My friend, Kathy, was visiting me and she showed me her bag made from your design. I loved it and said would you please teach me – I became hooked and she ended up going bag “crazy” too. She continues and probably has given more away than anyone else. I have another friend Anita that had been going through some very rough times and she hadn’t done sewing for years. She now is hooked too. Her bags have multiplied like fruit flies! (she told me she has 60 bags on her list to make) We are all quilters but giving a bag to someone is lots more practical and useful and possible than a quilt. This whole deal has been therapeutic and joyful both as the givers and the recipients. Again thanks!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your quick response. What great customer service.
If it is OK – I’d love to send this (Mesmerize Quilt photo) out as a newsletter to my 2000 people.
We have the same customer service ethics (high standards!), which is why I appreciate the service you gave on this order.
You wouldn’t remember me… but I’ve met you and watched several of your demos throughout the years. I appreciate your clever ideas and talent.
Thanks for the wine bag pattern. I just came back from 3 days of events in Indiana and all the dealers sold out of the Zippety pattern they had ordered and in some cases will have to order more.

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