The dynamic use of black and white polka dot fabrics make this a favorite quilt from the book Follow the Dots…to Dazzling Quilts.

Size: 26″ x 34″


  • 3/4 yard of preshrunk muslin for background
  • 5/8 yard of black fabric w/ white polka dots for sky
  • 3/8 yard of black-and-white print for outer border
  • ¼ yard ea. 3 different white fabrics with black polka dots for trees
  • ¼ yard of white dots on off-white fabric for inner border
  • ¼ yard of dark blue or purple fabric for accent border
  • 4 fat eighths total of assorted white, off-white, and white-on-gray fabrics for foreground
  • 1-1/8 yards of fabric for backing
  • 3/8 yard of fabric for binding
  • 32” x 40” piece of batting
  • Freezer paper
  • Invisible nylon thread